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December Issue of Trillions Magazine Now Available

December 1, 2017

The December issue of Trillions magazine is now available in PDF format and is packed with must-read articles.

The audio version of Trillions will be available soon.

Articles in this month's issue of Trillions magazine include:

04  Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence09  Amazon May be Handed 53 Billion in Federal Purchasing12  Nearly $8 Trillion in Interest Debt Generated By War Industry to Destroy U.S. Economy14  Children Sue Trump Gang For Making Climate Change Worse17  Fracking Chemicals a Serious Hazard for Children17  50 Year-Old Sugar Conspiracy Exposed20  Neonicotinoid Insecticides Are Killing Songbirds21  EU Does Monsanto's Bidding & Renews Glyphosate License22  “Power-Plant” Greenhouses Are Coming23  North Korea Explores Algae Production as a Strategic Resource24  Korea's Gwangju Uprising and Why It Matters Today26  Trump Administration Sued for Aiding the Extinction of the Vaquita Porpoise27  Backed into a Corner Again, Cuba’s Government Bares Its Teeth29  Rare Earth Elements From Coal30  Harsh New Law Gags Potential Protesters in Honduras32  Hamid Karzai Claims U.S. May Be a Secret Backer of ISIS34  Americans Getting Sicker, Dumber and Dying Sooner35  Peace Pilgrim's Steps Toward Inner Peace41  The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership43  Republicans Attack Endangered Species in Funding Bill44  Conciousness - a poem by Ernest "Shine" Richards46  What We Can Learn From Mexico's Indigenous Democracy Movement49  Levity's Labor Lost58  Career Got You Down?60  Beware Public Private Partnerships

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