The North America Procurement Council, Inc. (NAPC) is a digital procurement company that operates 120 business portals for government organizations and businesses. NAPC features more than 900,000 opportunities each year with a total contract value of more than $3 trillion.

Our main goals are: to provide public and private organizations with the best possible e-purchasing platform; and to provide suppliers with open access to public procurement solicitations, thus streamlining the procurement process, reducing costs to taxpayers, improving the quality of suppliers’ services, and stimulating local and national economies.

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Buyer Features

  • Formal public solicitation advertisement and distribution
  • Informal quote requests
  • Supplier diversity development & support
  • Local supplier development & support
  • Electronic distribution of bid documents, addenda & other data
  • Online bid submission
  • Extensive library of specifications & bid histories
  • Powerful supplier database
  • Training & support for purchasing staff

Designer, Consultant & Const. Manager Features:

  • Affordable access to RFQs, SOQs and other opportunities
  • Streamlined document submission
  • Extensive bid document library
  • Bid advertisement and distribution
  • Revenue sharing from bid document sales
  • Automated plan-holder list distribution
  • Automated addenda distribution
  • Training & support

Supplier Features:

  • Open access to business opportunities
  • Affordable access to premium features
  • Streamlined pre-qualification
  • Access to digital bid documents
  • Online bidding
  • Diversity & local supplier support
  • Online training & support

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